When will insurance pay for a new roof on your house?

Insurance claim

Many homeowners are unsure of when their insurance will cover the cost of the new roof and if it will even cover any of it at all. Fortunately, there is some helpful information that can guide you through the process of determining when your insurance will pay for your new roof, how much they’ll pay, and how funds are distributed.

Claims Process

This timeline can vary but here’s how a typical claims process occurs.

  • Roofer inspects and documents damages
  • Insurance company is called and insurance claim is filed
  • Insurance adjuster comes out
  • Value determined for roof replacement including installation
  • Claim is approved
  • First payment check dispersed to the homeowner minus deductible
  • Shingle or metal roofing selection
  • Materials ordered
  • Roof installation complete
  • Roofing company bills insurance company
  • Second payment check dispersed to homeowner
  • Roofing company paid in full

Get help with your claim

It’s important you choose a reputable roofer to walk you through each step. It can be overwhelming, to say the least. Insurance companies are naturally guarded and protect themselves from fraudulent homeowners and fraudulent claims. Disbursements for example are divided to ensure the homeowner is using the funds to replace the roof and not pocketing the money. Work with a local roofer to ensure your roof is covered.


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