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TPO Membrane Installation For Flat Roofs In Savannah, GA

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We Specialize In Installing Versico Roofing Systems TPO Membrane

At Designer Roofing & Restoration LLC, we pride ourselves on our team of highly experienced commercial roofing contractors. With years of experience under our belts, we are experts in delivering commercial TPO roofing services to property owners in Savannah, GA.

Versico Roofing System
Versico TPO

We Are Part Of The Quality-Focused Authorized Contractor Network

Fewer than 10% of all roofing contractors in the United States qualify to become Versico Authorized Contractors, ensuring that only the most skilled contractors are permitted to install Versico roof systems. In addition, warranted projects go through Versico’s Project Review department and are inspected by trained Field Service Representatives, ensuring that projects meet specifications.

We Can Help You With Your Commercial TPO Roofing Project.

We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service and work tirelessly to ensure that your commercial roof is in top condition. If you’re looking for a commercial roofing contractor in Savannah, GA, look no further than Designer Roofing & Restoration LLC.

Why TPO?

TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) membrane is one of the most popular choices in the commercial roofing industry. As a leader in TPO manufacturing, Versico offers a variety of membranes that are thicker and smoother than the competition. With enhanced long-term energy efficiency and strong heat-welded seams, TPO is an excellent choice for many different building types.

TPO Membrane

VERSICO’S Total System Warranty Basics


Versico Roofing Systems has a variety of roofing membranes that are available with an optional 30-year warranty coverage because of their excellent long-term performance

No Dollar Limit

Versico’s Total System warranty is a No Dollar Limit warranty, which means that Versico does not place a maximum on the warranty value. Versico does not state a maximum cost covered or pro-rate the warranty terms.

Wind Speed

Enhanced wind speed coverage ranging from 55–120 mph is available with Versico’s Total System Warranty. Wind speed coverage is given based on the membrane, system type and attachment method used in the system installation. Adhered systems provide the ultimate in wind speed coverage, providing up to 120 mph coverage, while mechanically attached systems can provide coverage up to 100 mph.

Accidental Puncture

For roofi ng systems that utilize Versico’s thicker EPDM, TPO, PVC and VersiFleece membranes, accidental puncture coverage is provided for up to 32 man hours per year during the duration of warranty coverage. The thicker the membrane, the greater the puncture resistance!

Hail Damage

Certain thicknesses of Versico’s VersiGard, VersiWeld and VersiFleece membranes are available with additional hail damage coverage, ranging from 1–3” hail, depending on the membrane thickness. Because the VersiFleece and VersiFleece AC TPO membranes are Versico’s thickest systems, they provide ultimate hail damage coverage.

Weathering Package

Versico’s white VersiWeld and VersiFleece TPO membranes include OctaGuard XT™, an industry-leading, state-of-the-art weathering package. OctaGuard XT technology enables VersiWeld and VersiFleece TPO to withstand the extreme weatherability testing intended to simulate exposure to severe climates.


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