1. How do I know if I need a new roof? Near Georgia or South Carolina
A. The two most common telltale sign of needing a new roof is the fading of your roof color and if you start to see black algae on your shingles. As the roof fades shingles become more brittle and susceptible to storm damage and retaining water which created algae and rotten wood.
B. Granule Loss, Brittleness, algae staining, and missing shingles

Some telltale signs that you need a new roof are roof discoloration, large amounts of granules in your gutters and downspouts, broken or missing shingles, and most obviously, water staining on your ceilings.
● Discolored shingles most often mean that algae growth has set into your shingles making them brittle and decreasing their waterproofing ability.
● If you are finding a lot of granules in your gutters, at the bottom of your downspouts, or scattered around your sidewalks it is likely time to have a qualified contractor inspect your roof. The granules are what protect the waterproof mat from impact and sun. Once the granules are gone the waterproof mat becomes dried out and damaged, and can lead to micro leaks that stay in the roof decking.
● Broken and damaged shingles can be a sign of storm damage and should be inspected immediately. Oftentimes, if these damages are found soon enough we can get insurance to cover the damages and potentially pay for the replacement of your entire roof. They would rather you have a waterproof roof than have to pay for a water loss inside

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2. How long does a roof replacement take? Near Georgia or South Carolina
Shingle roof replacements for average residential homes typically take 1-2 days. Size, height, steepness, and complexity are all factors that add to how long a re-roofing project can take. Metal roofs typically involve more details and can take a couple of weeks to replace.

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3. How much will it cost? Near Georgia or South Carolina
An average-size home costs between 7 to 10 thousand dollars
Roof replacement costs vary depending on the size and scope of work that the roof system needs to be installed correctly. We try to be as cost-efficient as possible but still provide you the customer the best product we can with a manufacturer-certified roofing system.

The cost of a roof replacement on average size homes ranges between 7-10 thousand dollars for a standard asphalt shingle roof. Factors that affect the cost of a roof replacement are types of material being used, complexity, the height of the roof, steepness of the roof, how much wood rot needs to be fixed, and additional items such as skylights and chimneys that may need to be reflashed, replaced, or re-built. Also, warranties can add a cost depending on the level of protection you opt for.

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4. How often should I maintain my roof? Near Georgia or South Carolina
A qualified roofer should inspect your roof every single year. Roof maintenance should be done as much as is needed to keep any debris from piling up on your roof. If debris is piled up on your roof it can cause a backup that would cause your roof to leak or deteriorate from constantly staying wet and not being able to dry out.

Roof maintenance is key to extending the life of your roof. Clumps often find a spot at the bottom of a valley or run-off point to gather up. Once this happens water soaks up in this debris and often finds its way behind the shingles and causes leaking and deterioration of the shingles beneath it. On more than one occasion I have stopped leaks by clearing debris off a roof. Keeping pine straw and other debris off your roof will prevent leaks, and help your roof make it to its projected life span without issues. Make sure to check behind rain diverters and other things that can cause a buildup.

Another key maintenance item is soft washing your roof. I’m sure you have all driven through your neighborhood and seen roofs that have black streaks running down them. That is algae build up on the roofs. Algae on roofs are more than just ugly. Algae prevent the shingle from being able to dry as quickly as it should cause the shingles to become brittle and accelerating the aging process. We suggest a soft wash whenever you begin to see the algae build up on shingles. Usually, you won’t need to soft wash the shingles until year five and then every couple of years after. But this really depends on the type of environment you live in. if you live under a bunch of trees. You may have to have this done once a year. The shingles that we install now are actually infused with copper to help deter certain types of algae growth. This alone can help extend the life of your roof.

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5. What makes Designer Roofing different from other roofing companies? Near Georgia or South Carolina
Integrity and accountability are the core principles we operate behind at Designer Roofing and Restoration. We find that other companies and chuck in a truck type “roofers” often ignore important details. They show up to take off the old shingles and install new ones and ignore or band-aid other waterproofing aspects of the home. When they get called back they just blame the issue on the siding or something that would be unrelated to their job. We know that when a customer calls and asks us to come out and give a quote on their roof, that they are really asking us to give a quote on making their home waterproof when it rains. That involves checking several other aspects of the home. We have to check the chimney siding to make sure it is intact and serving as a proper counter flashing. We also have to check whether or not the chimney should have a cricket built or whether it needs to be completely re-flashed. We need to look for dead valleys where water might pool and cause issues down the road. Maybe the vent caps are rusting, and need to be replaced. It’s much cheaper to have these additional items taken care of while we are on the roof instead of having to pay someone to come fix them later. We take a fascia-up approach to waterproofing your home when we install a new roof.

Another differentiating factor for Designer Roofing and Restoration is that we hold the highest accreditation with our shingle manufacturer. We are one of the few Certainteed Select Shingle Masters in the Savannah area. What this means, is that all of our team members have been tested and certified by the manufacturer and that Certainteed has checked and tested our installations and put their highest stamp of approval on our work. With this certification, we can offer best in business warranties on your newly installed roof system. This also provides levels of support and assurance that most companies can’t offer. You’re getting customer service and support from a highly-rated local company, and product assurance from a company that has been around for over 100 years. Our lifetime warranties are good for up to 50 years ensuring you don’t pay a single dollar for your roof replacement if your shingles are deemed defective. Most warranties are pro-rated and only cover the cost of the shingles, not the accessories, labor, or disposal.

One of the most important things to mention when considering Designer Roofing and Restoration is that we only ever install full and complete integrity roof systems. This means that we are installing all of the proper components of the roof system where they are intended to be installed. Oftentimes, other contractors will try and shave a few hundred dollars by using leftover shingles as the starter strip, cutting down three-tab shingles as hip and ridge, or using cheap plastic pipe boots that typically leak within a few years. While this system may work in theory, cutting corners will often void your warranty even if the problem is unrelated. We install the complete integrity roof system by Certainteed with the exception of accessories that they don’t manufacture. This means that all of the components of the roof system are warrantied and guaranteed by one company. We DO NOT cut corners at Designer Roofing and Restoration.

At Designer Roofing and Restoration we don’t just show up to rip off a roof and re-install a new one. We inspect all the waterproofing aspects of your home from the fascia board up. Many of our projects start as roof replacements and turn into re-building chimneys, replacing rotten siding, and fixing other repairs from previous contractors. Also, our entire team is tested and certified by the companies that develop and manufacture the products we install. These certifications and installation practices ensure your warranty’s validity if there is ever a need to file a claim on your roof. We often see the good ole boys who are still installing shingles as they did 30 years ago offering warranties that won’t be honored if ever the need arises because they’re not installing up to par with the new installation methods required by the manufacturer.

We have taken the time to differentiate ourselves from other roofing companies in (Savannah, Bluffton) by manufacturer certify every member of our team and teams of experienced installers. This ensures that our teams provide a consistent product ensuring you the customer receive all the warranties the manufacturer can offer with the system being installed.

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6. Is a roof from Designer Roofing expensive? Near Georgia or South Carolina
Don’t let our name scare you we provide roof installations from standard architectural systems to the best designer systems in the area at affordable prices. Call us today to schedule your free inspection and estimate for your home or business.

Don’t let our name scare you, we offer competitive pricing and monthly payments to fit any budget. Roofs can often be expensive, but that is typically decided on by the type of roof you want to be installed. Our most cost-effective system is a Certainteed Landmark architectural roof. Many factors can influence the price of your roof including height, steepness, wood rot, siding work, re-flashing, and size. It probably goes without saying that the bigger the roof the more expensive it will be.

Costs can vary when deciding on who to choose to replace your roof. The most expensive roof is the one that you have to replace twice or repair a few years in. Just about anyone can install a roof that doesn’t leak for 3-5 years. Once the deterioration process begins is when issues start to set in.

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