Is hurricane damage to my roof covered by insurance?

hurricane damage roof repair

If you live near the coast, it’s considered a high-risk area, and you’re likely to have additional terms or deductibles included in your homeowner’s policy to cover hurricane damages. While your insurance policy almost always covers wind damages, hurricane damages specifically, can cause your out-of-pocket costs to vary depending on your policy. Look closely at your insurance policy or call your insurance company for confirmation of coverage.

Tracking Hurricanes

Did you know your insurance company watches tropical depressions and hurricanes? When storms hit a certain strength and are classified as hurricanes, your insurance benefits may be affected. Each company is different, but a hurricane deductible for example may mean you’re responsible for a percentage of replacement costs.

Make sure you have the right coverage

Hurricanes can cause major destruction in their paths. If you live in a hurricane-prone area, it is wise to be prepared prior to the storm by reaching out to your insurance company to review coverage and make adjustments if needed. Taking the time to research and plan ahead can help alleviate some of the stress associated with a hurricane. Always remember to work with a local reputable roofer who can help if your roof has been damaged.


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