Is hail damage to my roof covered by insurance?

hail damage roofing

The good news is yes! Thankfully, most insurance companies will cover hail damage to your roof based on your policy’s coverage and if the adjuster confirms the damages. Hail damage can be hard to see unless you know what to look for. That’s why it’s important to have a professional roofer document the hail damages to your roof and meet with the insurance adjuster on site.

Roof Replacement Coverage

Your roofing contractor, insurance adjuster, and the insurance company will determine your roof replacement cost. A basic homeowners policy will cover the cost of a roof replacement or roof repair for hail damage on your roof, but be careful to assume to it will be covered in full. Your insurance company will use terms that may be unfamiliar. Let’s learn what these mean.

  • Deductible – this amount must be paid by the homeowner
  • ACV – actual cost value; what your roof is worth prior to the hail damage taking factors into consideration like age and materials
  • RCV – replacement cost value; what it would cost to replace the roof today

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