How to negotiate a roof replacement with your insurance company

hail damage roof repair

Act quickly, hire the right roofing contractor, and know your insurance policy. It’s important to act quickly and have the right team on your side. Sounds simple, but professional roofers can represent you and provide the needed documentation. The more time you wait after damage occurs, the less likely it is that your claim will be accepted. The insurance company has leeway to use other factors in the condition of your roof as a way of avoiding your claim.

Have Documentation

It is important to have as much documentation as possible. Your local roofer can provide this and will help you get the best outcome when filing an insurance claim. Rightly so, insurance companies don’t want to pay for something that’s preventable, like poor maintenance. Fortunately, storm damages don’t fall into this category. Hail and wind damage can’t be controlled and aren’t preventable.

Choose a local roofer to represent you

Your local roofer will act as your negotiator and will meet with the insurance adjuster at your home. Insurance adjusters are trained to look for reasons to deny insurance claims and it’s likely you may not understand their terms if you aren’t an industry expert. Knowing your policy and having a licensed roofing contractor present at the time of negotiations is critical.


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