How do I know if I need a new roof?  

Some of the most common telltale sign of needing a new roof is the fading of your roof color and if you start to see black algae on your shingles. As the roof fades shingles become more brittle and susceptible to storm damage and retaining water which created algae and rotten wood.

a.) Granule Loss, Brittleness, algae staining, and missing shingles

Some other telltale signs that you need a new roof are roof discoloration, large amounts of granules in your gutters and downspouts, broken or missing shingles, and most obviously, water staining on your ceilings.

  • Discolored shingles most often mean that algae growth has set into your shingles making them brittle and decreasing their waterproofing ability.
  • If you are finding a lot of granules in your gutters, at the bottom of your downspouts, or scattered around your sidewalks it is likely time to have a qualified contractor inspect your roof. The granules are what protect the waterproof mat from impact and sun. Once the granules are gone the waterproof mat becomes dried out and damaged, and can lead to micro leaks that stay in the roof decking.
  • Broken and damaged shingles can be a sign of storm damage and should be inspected immediately. Oftentimes, if these damages are found soon enough we can get insurance to cover the damages and potentially pay for the replacement of your entire roof. They would rather you have a waterproof roof than have to pay for a water loss inside.
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