Many modern homeowners have grown to appreciate the incredible features of cool roofs. And, if you’re considering this type of roofing for your home, take time to consider a few items before selecting one.

Heating Bills

Manage your expectations when it comes to your heating bills. While cool roofs are generally energy-efficient, their main advantage may be felt more in the summer when your roof needs to reflect heat and keep your interior cooler. This is also the reason why cool roofs are more common in southern and southwestern states. Nevertheless, if your region experiences humid summers, a cool roof would definitely be a sensible choice.

Upfront Costs

Although cool roofs are gaining popularity, some homeowners tend to get scared off by the upfront costs of installing one. However, don’t shy away from cool roofing immediately because it might just offer you better long-term benefits. Of course, this would depend on your specific needs so it’s really important to compare all your options thoroughly. Don’t hesitate to ask trustworthy roofers because they can help you find the best roofing solutions.


If you have thick insulation and radiant barriers, this might make cool roof installation unnecessary. Having all these energy-saving features in your home doesn’t mean you get to save as much as the combined amount of heat reflected by these things. However, if you have air conditioning ducts in the attic, cool roofing would likely be okay to have.

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