Proper maintenance can extend the lifespan of your roof and maintain its good performance. It can also help you ensure that your property and its occupants are safe from extreme weather and harsh elements.

Keep Historical Records of Your Roofing System
It should contain information on the original installation, the roof plan, membrane type and system components. You also need to keep records of your contractor’s contact information, the roofing material manufacturer and the warranty details. All roof inspections, maintenance and repairs should be recorded as well.

Control Roof Access
Only trained professionals like your roofer should have access to the roof. This area of your home or building isn’t usually built for excessive foot traffic.

Get Regular Roof Inspections
Have your roof inspected every spring and fall by a professional roofing contractor. Your contractor should inspect each visible component of the roof and identify areas that may require additional attention. Regular inspections can help in preventing possible roof damage before they occur.

Routine Maintenance
This includes removing debris like branches and dried leaves from the roof surface. It’s also important to keep your gutters and downspouts clean. Clogged gutters can allow water to back up onto your roof, which can result in water damage. Tree limbs overhanging the roof should be trimmed.

Report Leaks & Roof Damage Immediately
You should immediately contact your roofing contractor if you suspect there’s damage on your roof. Address any roofing issues as soon as possible to prevent it from getting worse.

Hire Professionals
It’s best to leave all roofing jobs to professionals. Do not attempt to repair your roof yourself. Keep in mind that proper tools and training are required when it comes to roof repair.

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